HegartyMaths was experiencing server issues Thursday 2nd May 2019 09:00:00

The HegartyMaths development team has been alerted and we are working to improve the situation. Incidents seem to be related to large reports being requested by many schools simultaneously. Slow downs at 9.33 to 9.51, 10:14 to 10:49 and 11.34 to 11:57. Engineers have deployed a fix and are monitoring the situation. Please write to [email protected] if you need help at this time.

Minor slow down between 19:56 and 20:01 yesterday evening

Fix appears stable at this time, we will continue to monitor the situation

ADVISORY FOR TEACHERS: Please request reports at a later time if possible

We are deploying a fix

There was a site slow-down where 5% of users were experiencing site issues between 14:10 to 14:48.

We are continuing to monitor the situation.