Coronavirus - Unprecedented numbers Monday 23rd March 2020 09:00:00

During this time, we are experiencing unprecedented load on the site. We are doing everything we can to ensure the site stays stable, including adding extra capacity.

Certain times of the day are much busier than usual. Please be prepared to try again at a later point in the day if at first the site is at maximum capacity.

Kind regards,

The new dedicated DB has been put into place. We took the site down between 6:00 and 6:15 this morning in order to do so.

The new dedicated DB has been provisioned and is being updated with today's data. The intention is to insert this new DB into the site tomorrow morning at 6am. The site will be down for up to 30 minutes while this is taking place.

The database which was not as performant has been replaced and the site is back. We are in the process of creating a dedicated DB with very high specs. We will rollover to it when it is ready.

At 12 noon today we will replace the new database with the same DB as yesterday. This will mean a site outage and may take up to 30 minutes. In the meantime we are provisioning a new, dedicated DB server which we will upgrade to when it is ready.

Unfortunately the larger database is not performing as well as we expected. Our engineers are reviewing the situation and investigating solutions.

We have switched in the new, larger database and are currently testing the site.

We have taken down the site temporarily to switch to a larger database.

We are adding extra cache right now to improve data storage and retrieval.

We have been able to increase the available connections and add additional servers. We are currently doubling our database size which will allow us to increase these limits still further. The database enlargement will take some time to put in place. The number of errors being returned from our servers have been greatly reduced. If you or a student experience an error, please refresh the page.