HegartyMaths is experiencing server issues Monday 20th April 2020 09:36:00

The site started experiencing issues at 9:36 am. We rebooted the affected server in our infrastructure and service was restored before 9:42, but the server continued to misbehave. We replaced it with a bigger box and updated the configuration. We are continuing to monitor the situation.

Site issues occurred at the following times:

09:36 to 09:42 (first event) 09:55 to 10:00 (second event) 10:14 to 10:23 (replacement of box 1) 11:00 to 11:05 (replacement of box 2) 11:16 to 11:18 (configuration change) 12:04 to 12:14 (further event)

A code change to reduce memory usage will be deployed this afternoon and an upgrade to an element of our infrastructure is scheduled for 6am tomorrow.

The new server has been added to our existing infrastructure and the configuration changes have been applied. We are monitoring how it behaves.

The server that looks after caching continues to experience issues, we are replacing with a larger server and adjusting the configuration